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From our desire to be able to concretely intervene incleaning the seas all over the world, Pelikan was born, anecological work boat, the result of a team of companies ofinternational standing for a 100{a6957ab4e6e55bdfd0152ab01cc87c5a030b834adaf207f291bdf9d89bea3056} Italian project.

  • Length overall: 13.36 m approx.
  • Moulded beam: 3.35m
  • Moulded depth: 2.123/1.965m
  • Maximum draft: 1.20m approx.
  • Freeboard: 0.47m
  • Full load displacement: 16.35t
  • Class: RINA
  • Navigation: Coastal, within 6 miles of the coast
  • Main engine: 230 HP 2800 RPM approx
  • Maximum speed: 6 knots
  • Diesel tank: not less of 500lt
  • Hydraulic oil tank: not less of 150 lt
  • Dispersant tank: not less of 100 lt
  • Available tank: not less of 100 lt
  • The boat is equipped with life-saving appliances in accordance with the article 35 of Navigation Law and with one VHF communication device.

Inside The Boat

  • The hull shall be built in Grade A steel in accordance with the project.
  • Two floating units shall be fitted aft in order to increase the hull buoyancy and improve the boat trim; those new floating units shall be built in stainless steel as well as a section of the engine room bottom.
  • On the main deck shall be fitted two (2) circular manholes in bronze or light alloy aluminum in order to inspect the lateral structural tanks.
  • The superstructure shall be built in light alloy aluminum type 5083 H321; the top shall be capable to allocate the navigation lights mast; the superstructure shall be bounded with large glass windows and a lateral access door.
  • The upper part of the superstructure top shall be aft lengthened by using circular barsin order to accommodate the liferaft.
  • The propulsion system shall consist of one marine diesel engine model IVECO by 230 HPat 2800 rpm complete of gearbox, shaft line and 4 blades bronze screw propeller of approximately 680 mm diameter.
  • Two (2) bilge pumps shall be installed in order to suct water from engine room and allthe other compartments.
  • One (1) 12/24 VDC fresh water pump pressure unit shall be installed to serve the deck sink.
  • One (1) fire pump moved by an hydraulic motor shall be installed, model Bisenso ND25
  • A deck hatch to access the engine room shall be fitted aft of the deckhouse.
  • Structural tanks shall be fitted in engine room to contain diesel oil, hydraulic oil and dispersant liquid; a storage shall be also fitted in engine room for multipurpose, such as fresh water containment.
  • The electric system shall be 12/ 24 VDC feeding the main battery bank used to  mainengine start; all necessary navigation lights shall be installed; a 1 000 W inverter 12/24VDC shall be also fitted.
  • A rubber rail shall be fitted to the lateral hull, made in D section, 100 mm high.
  • Protection railing shall be fitted in accordance with your indication; four (4) pad eyes shall be fitted for boat lifting.
  • Six (6) mooring bollards shall be fitted.
  • A Jotun painting system shall be provided for interior and exterior surfaces. The hull topside shall be in RAL 5010; the anti fouling paint shall be black.
  • The quotation includes the design of the unit.
  • On completion of the works, the unit shall be launched and all dock/ sea trials shall be carried out; any test requested by the Classification Society shall be conducted in order to obtain the navigation certification.
  • After carrying out the test, the unit shall be delivered at  Ancona Port, with issuing of the certification for national coastal navigation.
  • A VHF as well as magnetic compass shall be installed in the navigation bridge.

As far as it concerns the points above, it is worth noting that the machinery andequipment for special purpose, not otherwise classifiable, are identified as follow:

Equipment for collection of liquid and solid, including:
  • Hydraulic system for opening boxed forward arms, made in stainless steel AISI 316
  • Hydraulically operated central and suction tunnel lateral doors
  • Hydraulically moved screw propeller flow deviator built in stainless steel AISI 316
Equipment for lifting and storage of solid garbage, including:
  • Tapis roulant made in AISI 316 stainless steel, moved by an hydraulic motor; rotation and shifting by means of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Amovable basket to contain solid garbage, hot galvanized and fitted with manual bottom opening.
Equipment for lifting and storage of the pollutant waters, including:
  • A gear pump to collect pollutant liquid inside the boat; system fitted on forward main deck on a basement which height can be manually regulated
  • Tank for storage of pollutant water made in light alloy aluminum of approximately 500lt; the tank is located on the main deck near the deck house and fitted with top loading pipe and bottom discharge pipe; both connections are provided with valve.
Equipment for the containment of the water surface, including:
  • Hydraulic oil boom roller, located in the aft part of the unit (oil boom are excluded)
Hydraulic power unit, inlcuding:
  • Hydraulic pump connected to a main engine PTO
  • Piping, valves, actuators, cylinders, hydraulic motors and foundation and any other fittings necessary for the operation of the machinery and equipment above listed at point 1. to 4.
  • Manual hydraulic pump connected to the hydraulic system, capable to operate the forward arms, tunnel doors and flow deviator
Equipment for washing of quays and cliffs, including:
  • A wash pump moved by a 60 HP engine, air cooled; the pump is made by FORONI-PECORARI with a water low of 65 m3/h x 60 mt, located in the engine room, complete with piping and valves for sea chest, discharge valve, nozzle feeding.
  • A MINIMAX nozzle fitted on the main deck.
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