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Kela: The Solution to Marine Pollution

KELA ECO BOAT - A 100% Italian project

Is it possible to clean the sea? What can we do to challenge marine pollution?

The answers to these questions come from Italy with Kela Eco Boat, a new project aimed to change our planet.

Kela is an ecological boat for cleaning seas, lakes, and rivers, collecting solid floating waste, half-submerged waste, and oily waste, designed, and built by C.P.N. s.r.l. in Ancona.

The Kela project represents a knowledge shared system concerning technologies and environmental safeguards to contrast marine emergencies through anti-pollution activities.

How is Kela helping the environment?
Kela Eco Boat is a true, valuable, and profound innovation built through great artisan work and a highly specialized shipbuilding workforce. Its efficiency and sustainability are ensured by the accurate design and choice of all technological components, materials, and products, that make Kela eco-friendly and not dangerous for the environment. The main operating features of Kela are:
  • Collection and disposal of floating and semi-submerged solids and liquids
  • Oxygenation of the water
  • Fire-extinguishing support
  • Hydrocarbon collection and separation
  • Chemical dispersant spraying

“We need a wave of change.”

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