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the solution to pollution in the seas.

“From our desire to be able to concretely intervene incleaning the seas all over the world, Pelikan was born, anecological work boat, the result of a team of companies ofinternational standing for a 100{a6957ab4e6e55bdfd0152ab01cc87c5a030b834adaf207f291bdf9d89bea3056} Italian project.”

A valuable, true, profound innovation that involved workartisanal and highly specialized shipbuilding.

Storage Basket
Removal of floating and semi-submerged macro pollution

Operating with the front grippers, the boat collects the open material on the bow grille. The Pelikan also operates from standstill by exploiting the suction of the ducted propeller which acts as a special pump. Once filled, the grid is made to slide on vertical supports and automatically pours the contents into the storage basket.

Water Suction Flow
Recovery and separatin of hydrocarbons

In the presence of floating oil stains, the boat creates a water suction flow towards the mouth of the hydrocarbon separator which, acting in conditions of depression, make sit possible to completely separate the polluting film from the sucked water mass. Once the separation has been carried out, the cycle continues with a transfer of the substance -with a negligible degree of emulsion - recovering up to 15m3 / SPILLED PRODUCT.

Fire-Fighting Service
Support For Fire Rescue

Using the seawater circuit and the cannon mounted in the stern area it is possible to offer a valid fire-fighting service,also taking advantage of the high maneuvering capacity of the Pelikan and the ease of transport by vehicle. The Pelikan is equipped with: light panne, minimax10 skimmer, rock cleaner, oil-only wipes, oil-only booms, mineral absorbent,depolluting and other equipment.

Spraying Of Chemical Dispersants

The Pelikan is equipped with a double system (right / left)for spraying chemical dispersants authorized by the Ministry of the Environment.

Recycled Aluminium

100{a6957ab4e6e55bdfd0152ab01cc87c5a030b834adaf207f291bdf9d89bea3056} recycled aluminum is the material used to make the innovative Pelikan boat thanks to its lightness, impact and corrosion resistance, durability, non-magnetic and recyclable material. Recycled aluminum is first transformed into light alloy sheet (5083 - H321 - H111) (In the photo: profiles type 60 8C) and then worked on site with cutting and welding of the hull.

Photovoltaic Panels

Panels are placed on the roof photovoltaic (tot. 800 W) for the recharges batteries with engine off and, in operation, to feed auxiliary electrical services and the cabin air conditioning.

Biodegradable Fluid

Biodegradable hydraulic fluid vegetable based that comes used in automatisms. Matrol-Bi is the last frontier of Novamontresearch, the company Italian leader in the sector of green chemistry.


A 100{a6957ab4e6e55bdfd0152ab01cc87c5a030b834adaf207f291bdf9d89bea3056} Italian project from the shipyard C.P.N., a leading company in the construction of work boats.

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