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CPN: A Leading Shipyard

ABOUT C.P.N. s.r.l.

C.P.N. s.r.l. was born in 1999 and has been registered as a Shipyard since 2007.
It operates both by its resources and coordinating and cooperating with associated contractors, enhancing the workers, and stimulating the economic and productive activities of linked industries.
The production site is in the harbor industrial zone of Ancona, in the Marche region, with four production units equipped with all facilities, for a total amount of 9.200 square meters of covered surface.

Why C.P.N. s.r.l. is a perfect boat?

C.P.N. s.r.l., through its strong production capabilities, designs and builds large metal structural work and boats of even large dimensions.
In the yachting industry, it provides cut and shaped metal sheets and all stainless-steel parts, including one of the hulls in mirror-polished steel devoted to fitting out, such as fairleads bollards, railings, and anchors.
It builds and installs systems in general: hydraulic systems, pipes in steel, stainless steel, PVC, and CuNi, both naval and industrial, and all types of sketch pipes.
It got several standard certifications for the quality requirements applied to the fusion welding of metallic materials both in the mechanic’s workshop and on the construction site.

Manufacturers of C.P.N. s.r.l.

C.P.N. s.r.l. the customer portfolio includes highly specialized work boats such as: Crew Boat, Boats for the collection of waste at sea and boats for collecting and cutting algae, for the and also partnership for the construction of mega yachts.

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